It all started in January 1977. I got a inheritance check for three thousand dollars on my 18th birthday. I had a lot of FREE TIME on my hands the previous year and had lot's of time to do a lot of thinking and reading. I read about the bikers out in California and their choppers.

I knew that the one thing I was gonna buy when I got that check was a chopper. I didn't know much about bikes back then, all I knew was that I wanted it long and loud. And so the story begins.

I started out on a 1967 rigid frame Triumph that you see me on at the top of this page, looking very cool in my bell bottoms. That lasted for about 6 months and I sold it to my sister and bought a '70 Sporty. That same year I came across a '72 shovel chop and purchased it and sold the sporty to my sister. I kept that bike until 1993 and then I broke all the rules and bought a Softail.

Over the years I acquired a '67 Triumph, a '70 Sporty, a '72 ShovelHead, '51 Pan,'53-98inch Pan, '64 Pan,'89-103 Inch FXR, '91-100 Inch Softail, and a '97 RoadKing  and a 2006 FLHX.. I currently own the '64 Pan, the '53 Pan and the FLHX StreetGlide. I can't tell you how many thousands of miles I've logged on these bikes. I rode a rigid frame over a 1000 miles one way in two days to Sturgis and back in 2000 and 2001. I also made a solo trip to California in 2001 on the Softail, and yes, I hit a Fuckin' snowstorm in Flagstaff, got grounded and still made it from St. Louis to San Francisco in four days.

I have devoted the last five years of my life to forming a Women's MC and logged over 200,000 miles on my bikes in doing so. I think this is where I finally realized it was time to move on to something new from the Horse's. With being active in Martial Arts and that takes three days out of my week for serious training, there just wasn't time anymore to try and fit all three in. I can't even begin to tell you what this experience has been like, but it has all finally come full circle and I am very proud to be the President of the Hellkats MC Midwest. Please check out our website when you're through here. You can get to it from the bottom of this page or from my links page and various other places at this website. Enjoy your visit and please sign the guestbook before you leave. Thanks!

I know some people that have a garage full of bikes and they call themselves bikers, yet they never seem to ride them anywhere except to the local bar. These are some of the same people I pass every year on my way to Sturgis, hauling their bikes in their trucks or on their trailers. I understand when I see that old chopper in the back of a truck pulling a camper since the price of lodging out there is so crazy and sleeping in a wet tent sucks, but driving a half million dollar Motor home pulling a Hundred Thousand dollar trailer only to stay at the most expensive hotel in the area, well makes no sense to me at all. So when you see me blow by you while your in all your luxury with the Words Sturgis Bound on your mansion on wheels, yeah, that's me , the so called Biker Scum that you wouldn't dare shake hands with for fear of catching some God awful Biker Disease, just know that I'm one of the many that paved the road for your entertainment, Catch me if you Can!!!

I also have quarter Horse's. I've semi-retired now from the running the Rodeo Circuit and the breeding operation which I've done for the past twenty years or so. I still make some of the local stuff, but my long distance traveling day's are over. I was driving around 50,000 miles a year in my truck hauling from Rodeo to Rodeo and I'm just burnt out on it.